When you travel you experience a different reality from the one you are used to, it helps you to build a more mature person with yourself and with others. Travelling for a person is “the mismatch of all our senses”, says the French philosopher Michel Onfray in his book “Travel theory. The Poetics of Geography”.

Travelling is a mental challenge for human beings because it breaks with the usual reality that surrounds them. Whether alone or accompanied, travelling through unknown areas and places puts us to the test, sharpens and opens our senses and reveals skills, fears and attitudes that we never thought we had. In a journey we do not live at the rhythm of a work schedule, but at the rhythm of an emotional one, living each hour not for a productive result, but for a human emotion.

At Nativo El Palmital we want you to feel emotions that come from experiences you have never lived before, enjoying them with a sense of natural wellbeing, not the product of a formula. We want you to become a native of our island even if you come from abroad.